New HAWKEYE Comic Confirms He’s Still Deaf (and Awesome)

The former Avenger may be training his successor in the Hawkeye series from Disney+, but he’s heading out on a mission of his own when Marvel’s Hawkeye: Freefall begins in January 2020.

The new series from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Otto Schmidt was announced by Marvel today, alongside other high profile releases coming to comic readers in the new year. While the early details are scarce, fans won’t need much more information than ‘a new Hawkeye solo book’ to get excited. Especially given the talent assembled and plot synopsis for the first issue – and Rosenberg’s confirmation that Clint Barton’s deafness and use of hearing aids will be a part of the story, having been overlooked by many teams.

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‘If you interpret it, they will come’: Advocates see more sign language translation on campaign trail

While the people wanting to be president take center stage, look to the side of the stage for someone equally important to many in the audience.
There’s often an American Sign Language interpreter working to match the candidate’s cadence, emphasis, jokes and speeches for attendees who are deaf or hard of hearing.

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How to File a Complaint

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Have you ever experienced discrimination because you are a deaf or hard of hearing person? The NAD strongly encourages you to file a complaint so that you may be able to resolve the problem as well as raise awareness. The first step is to identify who discriminated against you and where the discrimination happened. This information will determine where you should file a complaint.

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Top US wireless carriers team up on new texting service to replace SMS

The USA’s top wireless carriers – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon – are banding together to create a messaging service that could help replace standard SMS texting.

The carriers announced the creation of the Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative, which they say will serve as the “next generation of messaging to consumers and businesses.”

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