Social Security recipients with kids at home face Wednesday deadline for getting extra stimulus cash


Have kids and get SSI/SSDI? Never file a tax return in the last 2 years?

If yes to both questions, report your kids to IRS by April 22 or wait to get their stimulus money next year. Report kids at

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Sign of the times: Delaware woman helps convey key information to hard of hearing

DOVER — Imagine the governor is going to make a very important announcement about breaking news. You have tuned in and are watching closely, but when the governor starts speaking, you haven’t a clue what he’s saying. His mouth is moving, but words are not making their way from his lips to your ears.

What do you do?

For many deaf and hard-of-hearing people, situations like this sometimes are their reality.

Hearing is something we generally take for granted — the very concept of being unable to receive auditory information can be strange to ponder and would represent a tremendous change in our lives. Without it, even things as simple as watching TV or having a conversation can become difficult.

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NAD 2020 Status

The NAD Board has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely to determine what is in our best interests as it is very serious. We cherish our community, and above all, prioritize our safety and health. Due to this health situation, the Biennial NAD Conference in Chicago during the first week of July will not happen.

The NAD Bylaws require the NAD to host two things this year. First, the Council of Representatives meeting, which includes discussions and voting on priorities, bylaws changes, and election of the Board. And secondly, we must host the Forums which allows the community to share input on proposed priorities. Both of these are required to happen this year, during even numbered years. The NAD Board is figuring out options on how to make this happen and we will share updates soon.

If you made hotel reservations at the Sheraton, don’t forget to cancel your reservations.

In addition, the YLC session for 2020 has been postponed to next year. More information will be shared by the NAD Youth Program Director, Chanel Gleicher Bonheyo, soon.


NBC’s ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ Enlists Deaf Performers In Sunday’s Episode For Unique Television Musical Experience

The new NBC Sunday night musical series Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, which is about the title character, played by Jane Levy, who has the ability to hear the innermost thoughts of people around her in terms of popular songs and big dance numbers, has been building a dedicated following and is a priority I am told when it comes to the network’s Emmy campaign plans. This coming Sunday’s special episode, “Zoey’s Extraordinary Silence” ought to add to the buzz with a storyline involving the deaf community, and in particular a musical number produced in association with the Deaf West Theatre Company set to the Rachel Platten pop tune, “Fight Song”.


What to do if you’re worried about paying your bills

Cornavirus/Covid-19 may have stopped your job, not all bills stopped/paused. Talk to the banks/bill payee about your options before it is too late. Contact independent living centers or similar for assistance too as many centers have ASL staff as well. Your good friend or families may be able to help navigate these uncertain times. Read the article for tips.