Text to 911 with closed captioning

The original video – https://livestream.com/stateofdelaware/text-to-911/videos/184455734, did not have closed captioning.  DAD recently reached out to someone that knew how to make this possible and DAD was given permission to share the captioned version (shown above).  Delaware State will be adding the closed captioning eventually as both files came from them. 

Thanks to Delaware Office of Emergency Preparedness.

LIVE DEMO: How to Caption Online Videos

Online videos are the best way to provide full communication in ASL for many deaf organizations… BUT: are your videos clear and accessible? Roberto will explain why providing access information is important and Lizzie will do a live demo showing you how to add a closed caption file to your online videos! This webinar will leave you with tools, tips, and a better understanding of why your online videos should have captions. This free webinar is a joint collaboration with the Colorado Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind.

Note: this will not be streamed to Facebook, you will need to register for the webinar to receive the zoom link.

  • DATE: Thursday, September 1, 2020, 5-6 PM ET
  • No CEUs will be offered
  • Webinar will be done in American Sign Language (ASL), English Voice and English captioning will be provided

Register at https://www.nad.org/demo-how-to-caption-online-videos/.

Public Deaf Interpreters Directory

Are you a deaf interpreter who can provide ASL translation, either live or recorded? Whether it’s for an emergency press briefing or a work meeting, we know people are looking for YOU to provide access. The NAD and National Deaf Interpreters (NDI) partnered together to address this critical gap of ensuring the public can easily access a directory with this information.

Register at https://www.nad.org/2020/08/19/public-deaf-interpreters-directory.

ASL Access for DNC (Aug. 17-20)

Shared from a Facebook post and verified that it shows up. If anyone knows of other access options, please let us know.

The DEMOCRATIC National Convention starts today, August 17, and continues every day until Thursday, August 20. It will be livestreamed in ASL on YouTube every night, starting at 9p ET (8p CT, 7p MT, 6p PT). To watch in ASL, go to YouTube and search “ASL Democratic”. You can also watch it live on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, C-SPAN, CNN, MSNBC and PBS.
So far, the REPUBLICAN National Convention has not yet announced if ASL will be available. That convention is scheduled for August 24-August 27.

Absentee/Mail-In Voting Information

Short Version – https://youtu.be/gAHPm3wsJZY

Long Version – https://youtu.be/biy9eUtXuaI


Election notes:

Request absentee ballot

  • SSN, driver’s license #, age and signature (connected to DMV)
  • Eligibility based

Election laws exist, if fraud, often cannot vote again and prison time too

  • Signature matches
  • 1 time mailing to your house the ballot (address verified)
  • Barcodes included
  • Rhode Island and North Carolina require 2 signatures (witness)
  • Fraud is soooo small. One state said 0.0001%. 
    • Some fraud examples :
    • Mailman revenge
    • Republican candidate in NC (duplicates found)
    • 83 mailed by accident – computer glitch
    • 3rd party requesting – NY (too many requests)
    • Dead or in Jail – can’t vote, some pretended to be them (jail time for them)
    • Wrong forms used by 3rd party groups and caused duplicate voting also
  • Duplicate voting not allowed and must follow assigned voting list

Homeless count too, have other requirements too

Most require ballots returned by election dates to be counted – can by mail, in person, drop off in election boxes

5 states do their elections by mail and generally report less fraud than other states PLUS it seems to increase voting participation regardless of party affiliation

All States allow mail in ballots.  Most have Covid19 allowance in addition to the usual military, permanently disabled, essential worker (i.e. police, hospital), etc

Do note Federal and State have different election laws.  States often say disqualified from voting after leaving prison, this is not true for federal elections and have different rules.  Sure, simple to say, no to all when in reality election officers wrong.  You can call your election commissioner for more info.


More on absentee/mail-in ballots at:



‘It’s Unfathomable’ Trump’s COVID-19 Briefings Lack Sign Language Interpreters, Marlee Matlin Says

Since President Donald Trump began holding televised novel coronavirus (COVID-19) briefings in March, the White House has received requests from lawmakers, a federal disability agency and the nation’s oldest civil rights organization asking that sign language interpreters be provided on screen.

But the government has yet to agree and allow the nation’s approximately 11.5 million people with hearing disabilities to receive information about the pandemic via interpreters.

By contrast, many state and local leaders have been giving coronavirus updates with interpreters. The administration has not publicly responded to the requests to add interpreters to the president’s briefings.

Read the rest of the story at https://people.com/politics/marlee-matlin-donald-trump-covid-19-briefings-lack-sign-language-interpreters.


Note: This relates to NAD’s lawsuit found at https://www.nad.org/2020/08/03/nad-sues-white-house.

National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Sues White House For Failing To Provide Sign Language Interpreters During Televised Coronavirus Briefings

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) filed a lawsuit today to compel U.S. President Donald J. Trump and the White House to immediately begin providing American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters during television broadcasts of their coronavirus press conferences and briefings to make them accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people.

Read the rest of the story at https://www.nad.org/2020/08/03/nad-sues-white-house.

Masks are a barrier against the coronavirus. They also pose a major hurdle for deaf people

I don’t remember the first time a hearing person got angry at me for not understanding them, but I remember the first time that anger scared me.

I was waiting on the subway platform on my way home from school one night when a hand clamped down hard on my shoulder, spinning me around. When I turned, there was a stranger too close to me, his eyes wide and his breath hot on my face as he shouted at me. I was terrified, and it took me a while to understand what he was saying — he had made a pass at me and was angry that I hadn’t responded.

“Deaf, I’m deaf!” I shouted back, pointing to my ears.

For a moment the man looked confused. Then he let go of my arm and walked back down the platform, as though we’d never interacted at all.

Read the rest of the story at https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/07/16/masks-are-barrier-against-virus-they-also-pose-major-hurdle-deaf-people/?p9w22b2p=b2p22p9w00098&no_nav=true#click=https://t.co/RJFVRLIxGB.



Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turns 30 on July 26, 2020.  Are we done?  NO!  What can you do?  Support us, make a video of yourself with #IAMTHEADA, advocate, stand up for your rights.  Will you support us? 

Delaware Association of the Deaf also supports the Delaware Statewide Council for People with Disabilities – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5E706v0OXfA.

** Closed Captioning is available, simply turn on CC if needed.  **