Deaf Expo showcases deaf-owned businesses

Amtrak representatives talk with visitors checking out vendors

Delaware School for the Deaf celebrated Deaf Awareness Week on Saturday by hosting the annual Deaf Expo, which showcases deaf-owned and deaf-friendly businesses.

Organized by the Delaware Association of the Deaf, the event is held in a different location around the state each year. Feta Fernsler, president of the organization, said that holding the event at DSD gave students there a chance to meet successful deaf people and envision their own future.

“We don’t want to limit kids’ expectations,” Fernsler said.”The world is open to them.”


More than 30 vendors participated in the event, including many businesses owned by deaf people or children of deaf adults. Some sold products catering to deaf people, such as alarm clocks that vibrate and light up.

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Volunteer ASL teacher (Georgetown, DE)

Volunteer caption with varying colored raised hands to indicate volunteerism

The First State Community Action Agency in Georgetown is looking for a volunteer ASL teacher to work with middle school aged students (ages 10 to  14) for 10 weeks, once a week for an hour. Students are in the program Monday through Friday from 2:30 – 5:30 pm. They would like to start in October as soon as possible.

Contact Gail Garner at  Deaf.Outreach16 at or text her at 410-409-4976 to get connected with Karen Mann who is coordinating the class.

Staten Islander Andrea Moore (in black) battles Lisa Kilmer of North Carolina Saturday night in the First Responders' boxing event at Community Park. (Photo courtesy of Andrea Moore)

Boxing helped Andrea Moore overcome a lot of obstacles in her life — and that’s why she loves the sweet science.


The 29-year-old fighter, who resides in Rossville, was born deaf and was bullied growing up.


She turned to boxing at the age of 14 as a way to channel her anger from constantly being picked on.


“I had anger problems and my parents saw me hold my own whenever I played rough with the boys so they heard about this gym and brought me there,” explained Moore. “It instantly lit up a soul I didn’t know I had. Letting it all out by hitting the bag.

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A Denver disability lawyer was excluded from jury service because he’s deaf. Now he’s suing the court.

Spencer Kontnik

A Denver attorney who specializes in disability discrimination litigation, has found himself in the shoes of the very people he represents.

Spencer Kontnik is suing the Denver County Court for excluding him from jury service because he is deaf.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in Denver District Court, alleges discrimination against a qualified juror with a disability and claims the court violated the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act, which states people with disabilities must not be excluded from participating in services, programs or activities provided by a public entity or state agency. A court is a public entity.

Kontnik and the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, a nonprofit advocating for disability rights statewide, are asking the Denver County Court to stop violating the law and ensure prospective jurors with disabilities do not experience discrimination by implementing new policies.

“Individuals with disabilities should be valued and under Colorado law, frankly, do have the right to be treated the same as others,” Kontnik said by phone Monday afternoon.

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