DMV Update….

Hey! Delaware people! Did you know that there is a way to have your driver’s license or identification card identify that you are Deaf/Hard of Hearing? Even if your license is not nearing expiration…you can go to DMV with your current license and complete a Medical Indicator Form. DMV will exchange the license/ID card for a new one with a small symbol on the front, and the phrase Deaf/Hard of Hearing on the back. There is no charge for changing your license.

Delaware DMV Launches Voluntary Medical ID Indicator

FYI, Article is a bit old. This is new from Deaf Outreach in Diver area..

Gail Garner reported that DMV agreed to immediately change the Medical Indicator (MI) term on the back of the drivers’ licenses and identification cards from Hearing Impaired to Deaf/Hard of Hearing. From today forward, the term Hearing Impaired will no longer be used on a Delaware driver’s license. Medical Indicators are self-certified on a simple form that people fill out and sign when they apply for a license, renew their license, or update the information on their current license. Because they pertain to medical conditions, the licenses can be updated for free at any time even if the license or identification card is not due to expire. People must ask for the form to fill out if they want a medical indicator on their license. Only medical concerns that could possibly affect driving are included.