Volunteers Needed for Statewide Emergency Exercise!

Date: Saturday, September 28, 2019
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
An emergency exercise is being held on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at two different locations.
  • Registration is required for one-hour time slots between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
  • Please register for as many time slots as you can.
  • There are two locations, please register for one of the two locations (Newark and Dover).

DPH Volunteers Needed for Public Health Emergency Responsor Flyer 2019 (Adobe Acrobat Required)

More Info at https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Please-Volunteer-for-the-Receipt–Stage–Store–RSS–Site-and-Point-of-Dispensing–POD–Exercise-.html?soid=1110442875156&aid=1grJRAd36eY.


Additional information from Loretta Sarro, ODHH: This is an exercise to test the state’s plan to deliver emergency medication due to an outbreak or event.  They need two people, who are Deaf, to go through the line and receive the empty bottle of the medication on Saturday, September 28th.   I will be there all day.  If you are interested in being volunteer, please call Beth MacDonald at email: Beth.MacDonald@delaware.gov or (302) 223-1355. Or, I will be happy to explain it to you through videophone: 302-504-4741 before you decide to be a volunteer.