Delaware Voting Updates

Delaware passed 3 new laws this year – early voting, vote by mail (different from absentee ballot/voting), and same day voter registration.  To check the status of your registration or voting locations, go to  General election info including candidate info can be found at

Another resource is ACLU’s new website –

September 13, 2022 – Primaries Election (to narrow down candidates by party)
November 8, 2022 – Statewide General Election (also known as mid-term elections and still important)

** DAD Note: As of October 2022, Delaware Supreme Court said same day registration and mail-in ballots (not absentee ballots) were thrown out.  It does not look like either of the 2 options will be available for November’s election.  There was no mention of the early voting law.  Your best bet is to check with the Delaware Elections Website for the latest’s info on your voting options.