Inside Zoom’s Sign Language Interpretation Feature

See Zoom’s new Sign Language mode in action. Watch how the meeting host sets it up, how viewers can activate the feature, and see some of the issues interpreters have to work around to partner effectively. For more information including a detailed how-to and deeper discussion of the issues raised in the video, visit:


For a more accessible version with fewer zoom-ins that put the ASL interpreters out of view, watch: Thank you to ASL interpreters Tailyn Kaster and Amber Tucker for their excellent work and insight.

A screenshot of the video below showing one ASL interpreter on a ‘post it’ (aka: sticky note) that stays on top of zoom to ensure you do not loose sight of the interpreter.  Do note that there are some limitations of the new feature especially the lack of saving the zoom video with the interpreters visible as the interpreters are lost then when using the new feature.  See the PDF file on their website for details and instructions.

Zoom example showing one ASL interpreter on a 'post it' on top of the zoom video program/app.