HLADE Topic: Hearing Loss through the seasons-stuffy ears?? (Nov. 10, 2022)

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Topic of the Month: “Hearing Loss Through the Seasons-Stuffy Ears??!!”

Why our ears may feel clogged or stuffy at times and what you can do about it!

When? Thursday, November 10th from10-11:15 am

Where? Newark Senior Center (NSC) Classroom#1

 200 Whitechapel Rd, Newark, DE 19711

 302-737-2336 (V/Relay711)

Our thanks to the NSC for making our Meeting Room hearing accessible with a hearing loop!!!!

Our next meeting in Newark is December 8th and join us for a holiday luncheon in a local restaurant! Check out our statewide meeting flyer attached!

HLADE is thankful for all its members, friends and supporters!:)

We look forward to welcoming you & thanks for your support! Bring a friend or family member!

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