Deaf Dog Learns Sign Language in Just Eight Weeks

Picture Credit: Israel Ruiz - Rafa, golden retriever shaking paw with trainer Jo who is kneeling.

The old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks might not be true, but one young dog has learned sign language in just eight weeks.

When dog mom Jo Le Page, 41, found that her seven-month-old Spanish Water Dog Rafa couldn’t hear, she began to teach him sign language.

Nine Signs in Eight Weeks

And in just eight weeks, the clever pup has learned nine different signs. The signs he’s learned include sit, stand, stay, and paw, as well as watch me, spin, lie down, come, and even safe. With safe, he’ll walk under his mom’s legs, turn around, and remain there.

However, Rafa isn’t finished yet, as he’s still busy learning more hand signals. Jo says that his disability won’t limit his life. She hopes that people won’t be as quick to euthanize disabled dogs – or leave them in shelters.

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