CorpsTHAT outdoor positions

Job Spotlight: Outdoor jobs.  Feb 7, 7pm for Crew Leaders and Feb 16, 7pm for Crew Members

CorpsTHAT is reaching out to let you know about our summer job opportunities that would be a good fit for your community members through our non-profit organization CorpsTHAT. CorpsTHAT was established to create a bridge between the Deaf community and the outdoor community. 


We have multiple positions in our Deaf-run Conservation Corps Crew for this summer, including Crew Members and Crew Leaders. We have different positions in different locations on the east coast. The crew will be working for at least five weeks in July and August, and will work Monday through Friday with the Federal Land Management Agencies on multiple conservation-related projects. On the weekends, they will learn and participate in different recreational activities. We are looking for 25+ yr old Deaf Adults for our Crew Leader positions and 18+ yr old Deaf Adults for our Crew Member Positions. More information on each position can be found on the job descriptions in the links.


Our application is now accepting applicants for our Crew Leader positions, and applications for Crew Members will be open on February 10th. We would love to have your students apply for those positions and get to experience working in the outdoors with their Deaf and Hard of Hearing peers.


We’ve attached flyers for these positions and would love it if you could share these with your students and with other departments at your school. If you are interested in working with us or would like more information, check out our online job board or reach out to us at our contact information below. We have several upcoming Job Spotlight webinars that will discuss and answer questions on our Crew Leader and Crew Member positions. Our Crew Leader Job Spotlight is on February 7th while our Crew Member Job Spotlight is on February 16th. 


We would also be happy to answer any questions you or your community members may have. Our videophone number is below and is included on our flyers. If you would like to have us provide a presentation to your organization, please feel free to contact us.


Thanks for your time!


CorpsTHAT Hiring Team
info at 
202-650-0838 (videophone)

Crew Leader position info at Crew Member position info at