Paul Simon on his hearing loss, and performing live again: “I haven’t given up hope”

Singer-Songwriter Paul Simon playing a guitar with a faded red cap and blue shirt.  Image source from CBS News.

Five years ago, Paul Simon said he was finished writing songs. But he couldn’t stop. “To write a line that you like, and just one second before, it didn’t exist? You get, like, a big dopamine splash in your brain and you love it,” he said. “That’s why you keep doing it, ’cause it’s addictive.”

Lately, Simon’s been working on his ranch in the Lone Star State.

Mason said, “A lot of people would not have imagined that a boy from Queens would end up in Texas Hill Country?”

“Well, you have to marry a girl from Texas!” Simon replied.

He and his wife, the singer Edie Brickell, moved here recently. His latest solo album, “Seven Psalms,” was recorded in his cabin studio. 

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