Netflix’s Dance Movie ‘Feel the Beat’

After two years of auditioning, Deaf and non-Deaf roles, Shaylee began to wonder if she’ll be something more than a cameo. While she is grateful for the opportunities, Shaylee and I had regular conversations about how slow Hollywood is when it comes to minorities. Shortly afterward, Shaylee read for a new role, she noticed… “So many lines!” Her eyes lightened up. One audition after another and one callback after another, Shaylee booked her dream role!

We are so proud to announce that Shaylee is in Netflix’s dance film “Feel the Beat.” This wouldn’t have been made possible without Netflix and the production company’s belief in casting a young, authentic Deaf actress to play as a Deaf dancer. And we mustn’t forget the writers for bringing Shaylee’s character into existence. Now, Shaylee believes she’ll be the second Deaf superhero (go @laurenridloff ) and wants to do a comedy next. ? When you see it, you believe it.

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Note: announcement posted by parents Sheena McFeely and Manny Johnson via Facebook. Article only mentions Shaylee Mansfield by name, nothing more. Nevertheless, Netflix has been paving the way for greater inclusion.