Under counting and budget impacts (US Census)

Summary below (video is captioned above):

Lack of $$$ for

  1. Schools
  2. Buses/transportation
  3. Roads
  4. Representation in congress
  5. Food Stamps
  6. Consumer protection laws – environment, insurance,
  7. National Guard
  8. Emergency fundings – i.e. hurricanes, etc
  9. Vocational Rehab
  10. Medicaid/Medicare
  11. Broadband expansion funds
  12. Rental Assistance programs
  13. Police/Fire funding
  14. Social workers and emergency services

Covid19 has resulted in fewer census employees tasked at doing door to door work. 

Delaware is @63% counted now.  Worst is Sussex County at 51.5% while rest @67%

Deadline to do your census is September 30, 2020.  Go to my2020census.gov.  ** Your information is private per law and no one else can access your personal information even the US President cannot see it. **

Links references:


“Further, self-response rates for 2020 lag behind the rates for 2010 in most states. According to U.S. Census data, the overall self-response rate in Delaware is 62.4%, with New Castle County at 67.8%, Kent County at 67.2%, and Sussex County with the lowest response rate at 51.5%.” from https://news.delaware.gov/2020/09/03/attorney-general-jennings-fights-trump-administrations-attempts-to-reduce-census-efforts