Deaf professionals sign letter calling out ‘The Stand’ for lack of inclusion: ‘Enough is enough’

A group of deaf entertainment industry professionals has called out the CBS All Access series “The Stand” for not casting a deaf actor in a deaf role.

The new adaptation of Stephen King’s epic includes a deaf character, Nick Andros, who is played by a hearing actor, Henry Zaga. Another hearing actor, Rob Lowe, played the character in the 1990s “The Stand” miniseries.

“As a Black Deaf filmmaker/TV Creator, advocate of diversity & inclusion, acting instructor, & creator/owner of #Deaftalent campaign, I believe in change. It shouldn’t be that difficult to cast the right person for the role,” activist and owner of the #DeafTalent® trademark, Jade Bryan, wrote on Twitter.

The tweet included a letter signed by industry professionals calling out the series for its lack of inclusion and a refusal to watch or support the show.

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