Ad of the Day: Cadbury Fingers encourages us all to learn some sign language

Cadbury Fingers has partnered with the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) for the latest chapter in its ‘For Fingers Big and Small’ campaign.

‘Sign with Fingers Big and Small’ hopes to encourage us all to learn some British Sign Language (BSL) to help deaf people feel more included. In the short film, viewers see a young girl telling the camera in BSL that she often feels excluded from conversations due to being deaf. To highlight this, some of the subtitled words on the screen are covered, which emphasizes the girl’s frustrations and feelings of isolation.

Cadbury Fingers worked alongside Rebecca A Withey, a deaf writer and consultant, and a panel made up of people from across the deaf community to inform the project. The 30-second ad was influenced by ‘Dinner Table Syndrome’ – a phenomenon where deaf people are inadvertently left out of shared everyday conversations.

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