VOTE! (Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022)

ASL sign - VOTE.  Left hand is red in a fist like shape while the right hand is blue indicating the 'ok' handshape going into the red's hand to say 'VOTE!'

Mid-term elections are here!  YOUR vote is important! 

Your vote can decide our rights and/or needs.  The people in charge could impact everything from social security, roads, schools, military, police, education, medical, minimum wage requirements, taxes and more! 

Misinformation is everywhere!  Do your homework.  Lots of people lie or do not tell the whole story, make sure you pick the people that you want to represent you!

Whoever wins can make our lives easier or harder.  VOTE!


Note: To find out your voting location, go to  Another way is to use this  Questions or accommodation issues, feel free to ask Delaware Election offices.  If you are blocked from voting or have problems, please tell them or someone who can help you.