Honey company with a deaf workforce creates a buzz in Point Breeze

Kelly Nolla communicates with sign language to owner Jon Mosholder at Bumbleberry Farms.  Picture credit - Post-Gazette.

Jon Mosholder didn’t set out to be a honey farmer. That was his mom’s dream, when she left her job as a health care consultant to start Bumbleberry Farms 11 years ago.

Though Karen Mosholder had just a couple of hives in her Somerset backyard, she had a knack for concocting artisan honey cream spreads. 

Her son pitched in here and there, packing orders when he was on break from Rochester Institute of Technology, where he studied business administration and also, later, while working in finance for various companies in Pittsburgh. 

But he couldn’t imagine making a career from honeybees and the thick, golden honey liquid they make from nectar. Sweet, but no thanks, he said.

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