How the Oscars Embraced Accessibility and Inclusion With ASL Interpreters and More (Guest Column)

Troy Kotsur and Marlee Matlin 
Getty Images

One year after the landmark success for Best Picture winner “CODA” at the Academy Awards, the 2023 Oscars presented the latest opportunity for Hollywood to show the world where it stands on inclusion and diversity.

On Oscars night, through a combination of memorable moments and inclusive components of the ceremony, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences demonstrated its growing commitment to embracing inclusion and accessibility for all.

For the second time, a free ASL livestream was available on the Academy’s YouTube channel. The livestream was updated this year to enhance accessibility for viewers. On the red carpet, a team of ASL interpreters helped participants more effectively engage with fans and viewers at home, with members of the media receiving guidelines on how to make their pre-show coverage more accessible. Meanwhile, stage accessibility included not only ramp access but a stage wheelchair lift for the first time as well.