DSD Book Fair Donations

Scholastic Bookshelf and payment icon

Our Book Fair will be here this week! I know the students are excited – it’s been a long time since we’ve hosted a Book Fair. 
In the past, I’ve set up systems for those students who are not able to bring money to still be able to get a book from the fair. 
This year Scholastic Book Fairs has their e-wallet system. They made it so teachers can set up an e-wallet that others can contribute to. 
So, I set up a Library/LINK Center e-wallet to collect donations for students in need and to also add more items to the library collection. 
If anyone would like to contribute money to help us get a book for every student, you can do that here.
Note – it says “Fund E-Wallet for Karen” and it says “3rd grade” – this is the correct account. It forced me to select a grade – no option for all the grades. And all funds in this e-wallet are going to be used for students and the library only. 
Donated funds will be used for students first. If there are any funds left after all students get a book, the leftover money will be used to add books to the library collection for our school. 
Anyone who feels they’d like to contribute but would rather do so with cash, you can do that, too. Come see me at the Book Fair.
– Thanks to DSD Librarian, Karen Martin