2023 National Deaf People of Color Conference (July 2023, Gallaudet University, Washington DC)

Save the date, 2023 National Deaf People of Color Conference in July 2023 at Gallaudet University in Washington DC. Questions email, ndpc at gallaudet.edu. Check out the info and link below for more information. Conference sponsored by Heritage Sign Language Center, VOCA - Visionaries of the Creative Arts, Deaf People of Color, Center for Black Deaf Studies, and Bilingual.

The newly-established Heritage Sign Languages Center (HSLC) under the Office of the Chief Bilingual Officer will host the 2023 Deaf People of Color conference July 17-22, 2023 here at Gallaudet University. The conference theme is ““Reclaiming Our Cultural Heritages, Languages, and Identities.” According to Candace Jones, ’08, director of HSLC, “This unique conference will explore resourceful education through the advocacy of National Deaf People of Color’s (NDPC) workshops and special interest groups. Another focus will be to inform underrepresented Deaf People of Color (DPOC) of the issues relating to their education and community advocacy.” The conference will include keynote, plenary, and workshop presenters, exhibition booths, NDPC Got Talent!, and a gala event. 

More info, see https://gallaudet.edu/asl-english-bilingualism/heritage-sign-languages-center-to-host-deaf-people-of-color-conference-in-july-2023.

Registration link – https://ndpc.hsl.center.