A Journey Into Our Humanness

Manny a few days before this behavioral incident. He is waiting patiently with my car keys ready for his favorite pastime: riding and shopping. He has an infectious smile and a wonderful sense of humor.

Please read my article about my son Ira Kingsley Coleman called Manny. If briefly highlights the discrimination he has endeavor in this state for almost 30 years beginning with his education. I currently have a case pending with the Attorney General’s Office and they have been slow to act. The issues regarding deaf people in Delaware are far broader than the issue regarding the ACLU case. Here is the link to the article. A Journey Into Our Humanness https://aricalcoleman.medium.com/a-journey-into-our-humanness-62c5adfb80a.

My email address is erykah05 at gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Arica L. Coleman